Legalization Status for the Cannabis Market

This new market is estimated to grow to $7B annually with a 15% levy in California

A lack of services make it tough for all marijuana business owners to get loans, pay bills and taxes, when considering taxes are expected to reach $1Billion a year.

In an age where collaboration is key, especially for an evolving sector and associated financial services, the exCanna Marketplace is looking to connect and build deeper relationships.

exCanna will help every member business to:

  • Seamlessly Find Distribution
  • Create Own Distribution Channels
  • Stay Compliant Within State Law

The exCanna Marketplace is designed to connect Cannabis Growers and Distributors in order to facilitate state sanctioned trade.

First step towards creating this Exchange is a managed and transparent bidding platform.

Companies can hedge against a rapid price rise or fall, while farmers hedge to offset swings in the weather or pricing that result in hasty shifts in demand.

Growers then need a party to take the off-setting positions, one where traders and speculators can enhance liquidity and provide a valuable discovery service.

exCanna is an interplay of technology and coordination of service provider APIs to further its delivery of a platform and ultimately, the trading of Cannabis futures.

Financial Services for Members and the Cannabis Market

exCanna Marketplace offers Member Services to:

  • Growers

  • Manufactures

  • Traders & Investors

  • Distributors

  • Governments

  • Affiliated Service Providers

  • Processors

  • Researchers

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